Meet The CEO

What’s your background?

I grew up in the backwoods of New Jersey near Pennsylvania. As the middle child of 5, I always wanted to stand out. My whole life revolved around sports starting at an early age. Throughout high school, I played lacrosse and football and also wrestled. I ended going to college to play lacrosse. I studied Biology and Chemistry, I eventually went to graduate school and obtained my master’s in Microbiology.


What roles have you had before DAP Acquisitions?

Most of my experience has been in either the science industry or manual labor. I worked in microbiology labs at hospitals testing samples as well as doing research. I loved doing the work but something about being in a room alone all day did not seem too appealing for a career. Although as a scientist I gained valuable skills in organization, preparation, and attention to detail. I also worked in the direct sales and marketing industry that helped develop my communication and my intrapersonal skills.


What motivates you?

Success and competition motivate me. Coming from a big family, it took a lot to stand out. Throughout my entire life, I’ve always wanted to be the best, and I keep working until I’ve achieved the best or better. I was also very blessed with two parents that worked extremely hard to provide the best for their children. I not only want to provide the same opportunity for my children but also give back to my parents.


What are your goals?

My primary goal is to provide the same opportunity to others. While I am very proud of my own personal success, I want others to share in the same opportunity. My primary goal is to pass along my knowledge to others who have the same mindset as myself.

My business goal is to expand and grow. There’s a saying that if you’re not growing, you’re dying. I take that personally and professionally. I want to be the best student and learn more so that I can keep improving my company. Ultimately, I want my business to be running around the clock, not in the meaning that we are always open. I want my business to be worldwide so that there is a location accessible in every time zone.

Short-term– I want to develop every single person in my company to their fullest potential.

Mid-term– By the end of the year, I want to expand to at least four new locations.

Long-term– I want an organization of over 300 offices on every continent (maybe not Antarctica). I want to retire before I’m 35 and for my family to never have to worry about money.  


What are your hobbies?

I love being active; I haven’t lost my competitive edge, any chance I get I go out play pick lacrosse or football. I’m a big hockey fan and baseball fan, I follow the New York Rangers as well as the New York Mets. I also enjoy being outside whether that’s camping, surfing, hiking or going for runs. I also love to explore cities and going out with friends and family.