Dap Acquisitions Shares 3 Books to Read for a Successful Future

Dap Acquisitions Shares 3 Books to Read for a Successful Future

“Research shows that one way we can aim towards success is by reading. Whether it may be for 10 minutes a day or just simply a book throughout a few months. Reading helps shape our perspective, keep our mind active, and keeps running towards successful attributes,” says Ryan Pearson, managing director of DAP Acquisitions. If you ever ask a successful person if they read, many times they will be avid readers and book lovers. “Constant reading helps to absorb different knowledge and even challenge what we already know,” says Ryan Pearson of DAP Acquisitions. Our representatives at DAP have gathered a few books we found worthy to mention, and these may even help you if you’re struggling for some inspiration or if you just need a good read.


The Dip by Seth Godin


“This inspirational read shows that quitting won’t do any good. Rather than that, pushing through your goals and committing to beat that downfall makes you stronger,” says Ryan Pearson of DAP Acquisitions. The best part we gathered from this book is that your time, effort and talent will help you get past whatever rough patch you’re going through.


Essentialism by Greg McKeown


This read helps focus on quality over deadlines. Instead of trying to rush and get things done, the best way to accomplish something is by making sure it’s done right and properly. “This book will help you understand how to manage productivity and discipline yourself by removing all distractions and focusing on work more qualitatively,” says Ryan Pearson of DAP Acquisitions.


Give and Take by Adam Grant


This book makes an emphasis on communication and interaction being a big part of success. Hard work is apparently the most important aspect of reaching your goals, however how you behave with others also gets you to places.