DAP Acquisitions Reviews The Playoff Mentality

DAP Acquisitions Reviews The Playoff Mentality

There is a huge difference between regular season sports and playoff sports. When in the regular season, players/athletes are often striving to reach their goals towards the playoffs, however, the flow is not as crazy as in playoffs. Recently for example, in the NBA, two teams (Cavaliers and Warriors) have just made it to the 2018 finals from the east and west — again! These two teams and their athletes have pushed, strived and fought hard to land their place back in the finals consecutively since 2015. “This is the type of mentality we aspire to reach as individuals. Some of these athletes show how much they want something by making game-changing plays in the regular seasons to make the playoffs interesting,” says Ryan Pearson managing director of DAP Acquisitions.


The reason why playoff mentality is so intense is because everything is on the line. The whole season leading up to the playoffs depends on winning that NBA ring. There are certain qualities individuals need in the playoff that are different to the usual reason. For starters, the character of confidence. Confidence is half the effort you’re putting on the floor. “Along with practice, confidence helps athletes to develop a strong playoff mentality. Without confidence and will, athletes would not be able to make incredible plays that they do on the arena,” says Ryan Pearson of DAP Acquisitions.


Another playoff mentality is strive and aim. Pushing and putting everything on the line for an opportunity to be in the playoffs. These athletes know that playoffs mean a title, championship, and ring. It involves a chance to go down in history; this is something that requires strive, as well as perseverance. This is how two teams have made their away after a regular season in the playoffs again since 2015! We’re excited to be watching these two rival teams compete again in the NBA Finals. They’ve been at the peak, and we now just have to wait and see what the finals are going to give us and which team’s playoff mentality will be better.