DAP Acquisitions is Excited for March Madness!

DAP is excited for March Madness!

DAP Acquisitions is Excited for March Madness!

March Madness means college basketball and tournaments! The NCAA hosts basketball challenges and competitions every year in March. “The best part about watching these games are that these teams and individuals are trying to win their conference championships. It is so competitive to watch because different colleagues from 4 regions of the United States compete to win a national championship,” says Ryan Pearson, managing director of DAP Acquisitions. It’s a bit similar to the playoffs in the NBA, but instead, it’s more of the college teams, with chances of the best team winning in the end. Right now many competitive athletes are even getting recognized by some NBA officials which is fantastic because if some of these players do well, they could reach for the NBA status.

Many people watching usually went to that college or have a love of school pride for a particular team. Whether you watch sports or not, we can all agree that it is emotional and a challenge to watch your favorite team win in the final. Why do we love March Madness though? What is it about this specific time that makes us appreciate sports and feel motivated? “It is in fact that we feel motivated and inspired. Watching these athletes compete to win or reach their goals inspires us to do the same. As humans we tend to connect emotionally with others, watching a play or strategy go down on the field makes certain that you will possibly feel the same type of hype or disappointment based off the play an athlete makes. According to The Washington Post, the writers Thomas Johnson and Randolph Smith write, “When we watch sports, all these functions engage. Mirroring actions and moving our bodies together with others gives us a sense of togetherness, a sense of communion with others, a sense of belonging to a larger entity than ourselves that reminds us of ancient rituals that have disappeared in our society. Thus, sports help fill the need we have to connect with others, the desire for a transient but thrilling moment. No wonder we want more.”

Fun fact, while watching these games it almost feels like our brains are connected in a natural sense. We try to do what the athletes do when they score. Notice this when you’re watching these games this month! When a player shows their enthusiasm after scoring a shot, watch how they explode, and it will make you jump also! That is the beauty of sports and why we love the NCAA. “This is what March Madness does; it brings together similar and like-minded individuals. Even if you’re rooting for different athletes and teams you can appreciate that they are all aiming for something big and with hard work anything is possible,” says Ryan Pearson of DAP Acquisitions.