About Us

DAP Acquisitions is a growing, energetic, direct marketing company that specializes in event based and business to business sales and marketing. The company was started two years ago in New Jersey, we have expanded to Seattle, WA and about ten months ago moved to Chicago, IL. DAP Acquisitions specializes in customer acquisitions and brand awareness using market research and proven methods.

After several successful campaigns with telecom companies, our CEO, Ryan Pearson has begin to shift to the companies effort by working with nonprofits. After a successful test campaign, DAP Acquisitons has acquired a new contract with one of the largest nonprofits in the county. The shift to the nonprofit sector has been very rewarding. The ability to make a difference in our communities through our hard work is truly inspiring.

The primary focus of DAP Acquisitions is to create long-lasting, meaningful relationships with customers and clients alike. We provide the customers with direct, face-to-face communication while giving the clients measurable results. The use of direct marketing allows for greater accuracy on the return of investment for our clients versus any other form of marketing.

Our direct marketing strategies have been to proven to work on any campaign, whether it is business-to-business, direct-to-consumer, or retail, we get the job done.  Our job is not over until our clients have the results they want. This unique quality is what separates us from other direct marketing companies. We do not just work 9-5, but we work until the client sees real, measurable results. The no-risk of direct marketing makes it a no- choice for companies looking to expand.

The team at DAP Acquisitions is very diversified, having people from all over the country, with all different backgrounds, working for us. It’s our firm belief that everyone has a story and their unique experiences will bring an added flavor to the team. These characteristics allow for clients to have different a perspective that they may not have thought of before.

We also believe in zero risks for any clients that want to work with us. Every one of our staff members is hand-trained to ensure that they fully understand the client’s product. This specific and specialized training guarantees that our staff is giving the customers correct and valuable information. Our attention to detail makes sure our customer acquisition, and retention rival no other. We are confident that relationships with our current clients ensure high growth throughout Illinois.