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DAP Acquisitions is a growing, energetic direct marketing company that specializes in event based and business to business marketing and sales. The company originated in New Jersey and has expanded to Seattle in April of 2017, then to Chicago in August of 2017.

What We Do
DAP Acquisitions specializes in event based and business to business marketing. Our concentration is in business negotiations, customer acquisitions, and brand awareness by using market research and proven methods.
Why Choose Us
We provide the customers with direct, face-to-face communication while giving our clients measurable results.
How We Work
What separates us from other direct marketing companies is that our job is not over until the client has the results they want.
Our Services
The main focus of DAP Acquisitions is to create long lasting, meaningful relationships with customers and clients alike.
Direct Marketing
The use of direct marketing allows for a greater accuracy on the ROI for our clients versus any other form of marketing.
Professional Team
Every one of our staff members is hand picked and professionally trained to ensure that they represent our clients and their services in a sophisticated manner. 
  • “I had my Summer 2018 internship at DAP Acquisitions. The amount of information that I have gained from this internship will help me in my future. Not only did I learn about basic marketing and sales techniques but how to properly train someone who just started and how to interview. Everyone in the office is very welcoming. There was never a day where I walked into the office without smiling.”

    -Steve Tarnowski

    “My summer at DAP as an amazing learning experience with a great group of individuals within. Not only did I learn great sales and marketing experience but there was more to it such as public speaking, networking, and communication skills. Although the hours are long it truly helped me utilize as much time learning gaining knowledge of how a business is run. I enjoyed my summer learning while also creating great relationships with my fellow interns and employees.”

    -Matt Darling

Become part of the DAP Acquisitions expanding team.

We are always looking to grow due to the increased demand from current and new clients.

What We Do

Simple. We provide solutions. We ask our clients to give us task that seem impossible to undertake, and over deliver with results. We have a commitment to our clients that we will bring them results through a hands on approach. By creating a commitment to guarantee results through hands on approach and maximizing a person’s potential by allowing the freedom of individuality and collaborative power of a team environment. Our aim is to represent our clients with confidence, professionalism, and transparency. We understand that each client is unique; we that take that uniqueness and develop a campaign tailored to the clients’ wants and needs in order to attain the greatest results.

Any team is only as strong as its weakest link. At DAP Acquisitions every team member is trained and tested with individual attention. Everyone is set-up for success. When all team members find success DAP finds success.
Two words: Opportunity and Growth. The city itself has been growing, attracting most of the nation’s most talented to move there. This growth in population and central location creates a formula for rapid growth.
Overall mission is two-fold. First, is to provide world class services to our clients. We are dedicated to increasing the clients market share, brand awareness, and amazing customer service. Secondly, is to provide a healthy work environment where our employees can grow and exceed their potentials. 

Why Choose Us

Whether it’s customer satisfaction, client relationships or work environment, we strive to be the best.

After relocating to Chicago from the outskirts of New York City, the goal is to continue expanding through the mid-west to  the Pacific Northwest and eventually down the Pacific Coast. DAP Acquisitions is expected to expand to three new locations in the Chicago-land area. By the 2022, to have expanded to 100 offices across the America, Asia, and Europe.

As a direct marketing expert, DAP Acquisitions understand what it takes to take a good marketing campaign into a great one. Direct marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing from both a client’s and customer’s point of view. It creates a rare opportunity for clients to view the drastic increase in their customer base. While direct marketing creates the individuality each customer desires and deserves. Generating new leads, in turn creates new customers, it is the key that drives success for any business. The ability to analyze and measure results is the most valuable tool any client can ask for. Direct marketing is the perfect instrument to provide positive outcomes, it’s no surprise it’s so popular today.

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